Rachel Haywood    scientist, writer, artist and singer  

The books for older children (aged 7+) 'Beyond the Cat Flap' and 'Head to the Country' are available in both A5 and A4 sizes. The content is the same but the A5 version is more suitable for children reading alone. The A4 version is better for parents reading to younger children.

The books for younger children 'Village Cat' (ages 2-4) and 'Storytime' (ages 4-7) are only available in the A4 version.

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'Beyond the Cat Flap'

'Head to the Country'

Father Rat in 'Head to the Country'

George and Flora 'Storytime'

Inside 'Storytime'

George and Flora and the 'Old Village Cat'

George and Flora in 'Village Cat'

Inside 'Village Cat'