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Welcome to my website. 

I am a scientist and artist, writer and illustrator of published children's books. Please see my book page for more information.

My recent paper shows that the tanning pigment melanin is not always a completely effective screen against (UVA in) sunlight damage to skin cells.

Please visit my Science page for more information about my scientific activities.

https://twitter.com/rachelhaywood81  https://www.facebook.com/rachel.haywood.


My books can be purchased from:

This website   Please visit the 'Gallery Bookshop'

Available online from:           TSL Publications                  Waterstones               Amazon

Pink Roses 1st Prize Muker Show 2017


I am a mezzosoprano singer and also organise and sing in concerts for charity Please see my 'Singing' page on this website for further information 

Previous concerts in St John's UR Church and recordings

The March 7th concert raised 160 for the mental health charity 'Mind'. Please click the following link to hear one of my pieces recorded from this concert











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